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1 down…

Me and the girls are going shopping!!! Wohoo!

We’ll see what day two brings!


Big Day Tomorrow

Just thinking about quitting makes me want to smoooooke like crazy, but tomorrow’s the big day.

Couple of things:

  1. I am never doing this again. I’m not going to put my body through this whole nails on a chalk-board withdraw process. It’s annoying and I am not a fan.
  2. I have a bet with my boss. I will catch him swearing before I smoke. Loser buys lunch, but it is soooo much more than that. There’s never-ending pride that comes with winning that.
  3. I have packed some killer salads for lunch this week. I am jealous of my future self getting to eat them.
  4. I have started doing a low-impact walking video in the mornings. It’s a little lame and some of the chicks in the video are in their 60’s but hey – if you’re looking for a little something to get your blood pumping, I highly recommend Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds.

Other than improved health and bragging rights with the boss-man, I developed a couple of incentives. It blows my mind that I would need to reward myself to quit a habit that other people simply never picked up, but hey gotta find some fun in some of this…

  1. Day 1 – Shorty needs a new bra(s). Over sharing has always been my forte.
  2. Week 1 – Finally replace my lost jean jacket that was a casualty in flop relationship.
  3. Week 2 – Solar Lights for the walk-way. My walk-way back to the house is terribly dark. It’s not the most exciting gift but I figured I’d put it up on the list so I remember to get it done.
  4. Week 3 – Paint the kitchen. God I can’t stand these purple walls one minute longer.
  5. 1 Month – big effing concert/maybe trip. Been kicking around maybe going to Coachella this year. It’d be super expensive but is totally on my bucket list. If not that gig, it will be another one… Maybe front row tickets to whomever blows into town… We’ll see.
  6. 3 Months – I will finally get a TV.
  7. 6 Months – Lasik Surgery. Go big or go home.
  8. 1 Year – A European vacation. Might have to have a fundraiser – but why not???

Looking forward!!!

Off to smoke and then flush the rest of my pack!


2013 Planning

Clock’s ticking. So that’s 27 days to prep. Let’s start a new checklist – My January looks pretty cray so we should prep accordingly (Not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Find a gym ASAP. Since I moved Trainer Matt is 30 min opposite direction from home. It’s true that I could get a pretty killer deal at the current place, but I really need to find a place somewhere between home and work that will fit the schedule. The hot guy at work (I call him sporty spice cause he books it to the bathroom at 4:45 to change into his work out gear) should know a close by gym. I have been looking for a reason to (talk to) him so this will kill two birds with one stone.
  2. Tell everyone you know that you are quitting. End of story.
  3. New Work-Out Playlist: STAT. Seriously. This is a must have. I am off tomorrow so I should tackle this then.
  4. New Rewards List. Duh – best part. As if being healthy is enough for me.
  5. Anticipate new schedule since last time you quit: Last time I was working on my masters degree on-line. Any given day I could run to the gym and (run) the track for hours. Now I am locked into the 8-5 and my neighborhood is a tad dangerous. So running on a whim is not nearly as available. I have to plan for this shit.
  6. Sign up for some new races – 2013 Tackle the Tower is on the books, but I’m not registered. Need to get more frightening, possibly embarrassing activities on the books.
  7. Plan my freaking meals: Due to how hectic things were I spent a lot of time at Chipolte in 2012. Fortunately for some crazy reason you can’t tell from the size of my arse. When I qizzle the shizzle I won’t be able to metabolize that stuff like I can now. This is essential to my success.
  8. BIGGEST DEAL OF PLANNING: I need to do some 4-month mark planning. That time when you think you are safe… This was the most dangerous time for me. It wasn’t the first day, first week, first month — it was four months into this vigorous training that I lit up and got right back on the dole… how can I avoid those pitfalls? How can I do better than last time? What set things off? How do I combat moments like this?
  9. The next couple of weeks will continue to be crazy. The holidays are far from over to me. My lil bro comes home this week. Menagerie will occur. My cousin will be in town. My sister’s baby shower less than two weeks away – I can smoke through all this, however I need to keep my eye on the prize. I can’t get lackadaisical with this list or loose sight of my goal.
  10. Crime and punishment: What will hold me accountable? What is so cruel that I couldn’t bare smoking a cigarette? In Stephen King’s “Quitters, Inc.” a character’s wife looses a pinky finger in the case of a relapse. I don’t have a wife, nor do I know someone macabre enough to chop off a limb of a loved one to ensure my health. This needs some thought. I am clearly not afraid of eating a welching on the bet to eat a creamed onion. 2013: Step up your game yo. What scares me enough not to smoke???

This is my mission if I choose to accept it… it’s all laid out for me here. It’s the start of a blue-print for success… All I have to do is follow directions. What could be easier?

2013: Something New?

So yeah – 2010 was a great attempt. 2011 and 2012… forgeddaboutit!

Wow. I can’t believe that is 2013 and I am back to the drawing board at kicking the habit. Where have the years gone? And how had I been so successful in back in the early months of 2010 to be back at the whole “Set a date” step today.

That Summer of 2010 sure was fun. Fun enough to throw caution to the wayside and just quit quitting… I blame Pearl Jam and the Summer of “F & UN” but really it was me who dropped the ball.

2011 was crazy. I scored my first big job and finally got back into an apartment of my own. You would think that this would have been perfect timing to start a new routine. Especially as a new friend – THE GIANT POSSUM – that sat outside my door made it’s first appearance. I mean smoking is gross and addictive, but adding the fact that A GIANT VERMIN is perched in your smoking lounge should be enough to get anyone hyped up to quit. I apparently am hard-core committed to this filthy habit.

So I set the date in 2012 with every intent of making the effort. Three things happened early on that really allowed me to shirk my efforts in regards to smoking cessation:

  1. I had a big meeting to facilitate at work the week after my 2012 quit date. My ex-smoker boss (suggested) that this might not be the right time to quit.
  2. My sister was getting married in July – As maid of honor I had quite a full plate of duties that didn’t really allow me to focus on the whole healthy lifestyle that I need in place to successfully quit.
  3. My best friend’s mom – who is an astrologist, pulled out her ephemeris and said, “Honey this is not the year for that”.

Needless to say, she was right. This year was incredibly full, personally and professionally. It was great – my sister’s wedding was beautiful and my first full year on the job was incredibly successful. However, there were several stressful moments along the way that would have only been harder a) not smoking or worse b) losing my shit and smoking and the upset that would have followed. So yeah – among a few other things 2012 was not the year for me to jump the smoking train.

That being said, this is the first full year of working that I have used every single personal day because I have actually been sick. And by sick I don’t mean hung-over. I mean sick as all get out. I know stress can have a crazy effect on you, but I can’t help but think that if I had stuck with it back in 2010 I would have spent those personal days getting pedicures or nursing a maja Sunday brunch hang-over instead of actually being sick. My sister always told me that once you turn 30, your body changes and you begin to feel it – so maybe for me it was 33.

At any rate – enough. I’m pretty certain that I am the last of friends my age that is actually a full time smoker. Most quit when they got pregnant others when their job required them to. If they can do it – so can I. It’s a waste of time, money and just plain breaths. For more information on why smoking esses a d click here.

I am a little nervous though: How many times have I made that sweep declaration to join the world as a non-smoker??? I started this blog way back when because publicizing your goals holds you accountable. I have publicly failed and lived through it. Is this blog really going to hold me accountable? Are these reports and idle threat? Should I tweet my goals? Facebook them? God forbid share this blog (which speaks pretty candidly about several other scandalous escapades) on my social networks?

So yeah the new date: January 28th, 2013. The Monday after my big annual meeting and a week before my first niece is due. That’s 28 days kids – let’s get planning.

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