R.I.P. Classic iPod

I feel like I can finally post this, as my beloved iPod has finally been replaced. It’s so nice. I didn’t even want to take off the plastic wrapper in fear that I’d finger print it up. In addition, I finally had to move all of my music off of my computer. It was eating up over 40 GBs of my hard drive. My design software was running slow… like molasses. I’m relieved that the ol’ Mac is running smoother, but I lost all my meta-data. That’s the info that keeps it all organized: my playlists, date added info, ranking and play count info. Aaaaand with a new iPod —all that info is gone… Cest la vie… I guess I can rebuild it. At any rate here is the R.I.P Classic iPod playlist. Be warned, it’s pretty sad. It’s kinda only for people that enjoy watching and re-watching just the really sad parts of Simon Birch.

  1. You Don’t Know Me, performed by Ray Charles and Diana Ross
    This is one of the most beautiful and saddest songs ever written. It’s seautiful. I am glad Diana Ross is accompanying the great Ray Charles in this version. Makes it a little less lonely. If that’s even possible.
  2. Everybody Knows, by Ryan Adams
    This one adds a little bit of a twist to the broken hearts club. Not only is it apparent that you are broken hearted, but everybody knows about it. Now he’s my go-to sad guy. Definitely the singer/songwriter that you’d want to just pull the covers over your head on a fall day and try to sleep through to. Also would accept: Strawberry Wine, Come Pick Me Up, Damn Sam I Love a Woman that Rains, and oh my, Carolina Rain… talk about regret.
  3. These Arms of Mine, by Otis Redding
    Can you believe this guy died in a plane crash a just week before his hit The Dock of the Bay was released? I told you this playlist was redunculously sad. Nobody should read this. Except A) This facebook friend of mine that is always posting about what a wonderful life it is (maybe she’d give it a rest for just a day) and B) those people responsible for/and cleaning up of the Gulf Coast Oil spill. While everyone in the media has moved on to Brett Farve’s texting schedule, birds and fish are still dying. Also would have accepted: Dreams to Remember.
  4. For Today, Jessica Lea Mayfield
    This little lady is so amazing. When you see her in person, it’s like her voice actually has physical force. If that tightening in my throat when I cry could sing, this is exactly what it what sound like. (Cause it’s unstoppable… derr…) Seriously, if you feel like crying, pick up her album. Or see her in public. Then you can cry in public like I am no stranger to. (Seriously, some people have crazy places that they’ve done the nasty in… for me, it’s crying. [refer to earlier crying on the treadmill] post.)
  5. Goodnight Elizabeth, Counting Crows
    Someone get Adam some Prozac already. I kid, I got nothin’ but love. Their whole collection is a rainy day sing along. I just love the line “We couldn’t all be cowboys, some of us are clowns…” It’s true. And to be completely honest with you, I’d rather be a clown. I hear their jokes are better, although not completely sold on the face paint…
  6. Graceland, Paul Simon
    Wait, what? Yeah, that’s right. Don’t be deceived by that infectious beat. Even my little peanut, Pauly isn’t fool proof. I personally think this is the song about Carrie Fisher: “Like I never noticed the way she combed her hair before I left…” and ” Loooosiing looooove is like a window in your heart… everybody see’s you’re blown a part…” Also would have accepted Hearts and Bones: Ahh, be still my aching heart… I’ll throw it on the playlist for good measure.
  7. The Diner, Ani DiFranco
    My latter day hero. Ani has gotten me through many a heartache. There are many songs that would apply: Untouchable Face, As Is and of course the angry Napoleon. She has a song that talks about seeing a former lover and she is so unsatisfied that her eyes actually Dialate. However, I chose this song for my R.I.P. iPod Classic playlist, because I couldn’t imagine anything sadder than ordering a beverage for someone that you hardly have a quarter to call for. Plus she misses him “blowing his nose”. When you love the most icky parts about someone -that’s the real stuff. Dear Ani: Thank you. Sorry about your heartbreak. Why don’t you write songs about it and then several other women across the world can ruminate in your (their) heartache? He doesn’t love you already. Get over it. As much as it’s appreciated, I’m not sure if it’s healthy. I still love ya. I’m just saying.
  8. Dying Day, Brandi Charlile
    This is a newbie to me. It’s breath taking. Her voice is amazing. Plus, she’s adorable. Granted, this is actually a nice song. Granted you’d have to have some one to come home home to. It’s kinda’ like Dean Martin’s You’re Nobody Until Somebody loves You. Of course, it’s great, you know… given that you have somebody that loves you.
  9. Footsteps, by Pearl Jam
    Ahh, sigh…

I’m stopping at nine. That’ll do it. I have to go. I have a post I’m working about my awesome concert weekend in Rochester. And my Cavaliers winning. Cavaliers > Celtics > Miami Heat… Just sayin’.

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