The A.K. Rowdy Marathon…

So they gave me a medal. And I’ll be wearing it everywhere I go.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie. It’s pretty special. It will go real nicely next to my third place bowling trophy from fifth grade and certificate for best pronunciation in German 2 (of course that was after I lived there for six years so don’t get all excited.) I make jokes, but it was actually pretty cool being a part of it all. Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. People travel from around the world to participate in this race. Also, I had never been in a relay before, which was cool. You feel pretty bad-ass slapping that slap-bracelet on to start your leg (even for a Sunday trotter like myself.) Also, I AM SUPER PROUD of my friend Megan who did the 5.7 mile leg of the race. She also just started running this year and I think it’s an awesome accomplishment! 5.7 miles! That’s pretty bold for a first timer…

So the important part is that I didn’t die. It was 2.8 miles, half of it up hill, after a summer of smoking like it was my job. My quitting September 1st efforts have been lack-luster. However, on Sunday, after the marathon and I wild night out for my friend Kate’s birthday, I was done. Today, I am on day two no cigarettes. Man this really sucks. I can’t believe I have to do this again.

You’d think that after going through this whole process of quitting, that it would be enough to never want to do it again… Wish me luck… again…

Next year Megan wants us to run the half marathon…


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