Summer Makeout Playlist

By request, here it is…

  1. Going the Distance, by Cake
    I had a friend in high school who boldly admitted that she wanted to strip for her mans and confessed that she had two left feet (In the words of P. Swayze circa 1992, “Ditto”) -on the whole having two left feet. Actually, I dance like Elaine from Seinfield, but I digress. Anywho, I knew a million years ago, sans boyfriend, that if I ever were to do a little dance ditty for a man friend, it would be to this song. I mean, come on, he’s going the distance, right? Anywho, if nothing else, that sweet riff in the beginning is super hot. On a whim two years ago, I made stripping for someone my crazy goal for year 28 on my birthday. That year found me entangled with some a-clown that certainly wasn’t going the distance. So needless to say, that goal has been tucked away in my pocket for a rainy day in a much less ambitious year. However, I was pretty serious about it. I went as far to get the whole Carmen Electra Strip tease workout video. Ladies, let me tell you: Skip disc one. It’s all about working out to get in shape to strip. There  are no actual helpful moves on disc one. I ran out of money (and was a too annoyed) to buy the rest of the series. Great song + helpful Heloise tip. You’re welcome.
  2. Act Nice and Gentle, by the Black Keys
    I know ya’ll are tired of me pimping this band. Don’t care. One of my besties told me that once I turn thirty, I have to apologize for… nothing. Oops, my bad. This is THE song that made me fall in love with this band. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, and for the love… just act nice and gentle… It’s just that easy. Would have also accepted Yearnin’, Howlin’ for You or I’ll Be Your Man. (Only in the form of a question, of course.)
  3. When the World Ends, by Dave Matthews
    Total cliche band for this playlist purpose, but once again, don’t care. Think about it. What if the world ended? How’d you like to go out? Ideally, I’d like to go out surrounded by my best friends and family, but Dave Matthews certainly offers an enticing alternative. “Your legs don’t work, cause you just want me so…” So, okay the world isn’t ending, but it doesn’t hurt to hit it like it might be your last.
  4. Frontin’, performed by Jamie Cullum
    This little ditty is all about the game. It poses the “You know you want it” question. Oh, the thrill of the chase… The harder the hunt, the better the kill. I think it’s a remake of an Ashanti song. Jamie Cullum is a brilliant pianist from the UK. Underrated, but a lot of his albums consist of covers.
  5. Ball and Biscuit, by The White Stripes
    Ummkay, so let me get this straight. This man in the song claims to be your “seventh sun”, wants to take his “sweet little time about it” and “shout about it”. So basically, it’s everything a girl could ask for. And then wants to feed you biscuits. And good God, that Jack White plays the guitar in a way that could make a girl’s clothes dissipate into thin air. Summer Makeout Playlist fit? How ’bout fit for the All Seasons Makeout Playlist?
  6. Electric Feel, by MGMT
    I hate to say this so often, but this song really does speak for itself. This song is charged up, full on. If it were around during John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever days, they would have blown the BeeGees out of the water. This song make your shoulders dip (Explosively). I mean, I’ve never encountered an eel, but I imagine the shock to be pretty…
  7. What You Want, Mase
    This, I believe, was the High School friend choice of strip song. Can you blame her? “I’ll feed you like a rabbit”??? Does it get any better than that? Common, for real, Mase’s got the “WHOLE enchilada!” No innuendo intended.
  8. You Really Got a Hold on Me, by Smokey Robinson
    So you find yourself captivated, no? That can’t tear yourself away feeling… You’ve all been there, don’t judge…
  9. Dreaming of You, by The Coral
    So, as you all know, I am a Scrubs fan. This song plays in the background as main character JD notices his love, Elliot,  for the umphteenth time and has to have her… Classic Rachel and Ross. ‘Can’t kill her, can’t live without her’ song. I’m beginning to see some commonality in these tunes, I know. These songs have definitely identified that unattainably that creates a sense of longing. I never said that I didn’t have issues. Again these are hot make-out songs. Not love songs. Believe me, that playlist is far more complex. (Starts with Anna Begins…)
  10. Throw Your Arms Around Me, performed by Pearl Jam
    Not the best version of this cover, for sure, but I do what I can with It’s a pretty simple command. Just “throw your arms around me” and even better: “I will kiss you in 155 places” and “you’ll shout it to the blue summer sky”. Common, that butter just melted a bit without a pan.
  11. Into the Mystic, by Van Morrison
    DO NOT by any means be in the vicinity of anything by Van Morrison while near boys that are bad news for you. Not that I am speaking from experience, but it would certainly make a very good “The More You Know” PSA ad. You heard it here first, ladies. Fair warning. Again, not just this song by Van, but also, Sweet Thing, The Way Young Lovers Do, of course, I’ll be Your Man, or anything by him for that matter. Seriously, an man named Van, can lead to no good.
  12. I Want You, by Bob Dylan
    The beat to this one goes out to all the playful details of a successful make-out session. The deep political singer takes a timeout for a little lovin… Lusty, of course, but this song goes out to the make-out session that makes you laugh, just a little…

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  1. 1 marley beans August 21, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Love it!

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