16 Days to go of the Summer of “F” and “UN”

So September 1st is looming.

Which means I’ll spend the next two weeks attempting the to balance A) Prepping for that Resuming Being a “Clean Fresh Air Breather” and beginning to run again, and B) Maximizing the summer of “F” and “UN”. It will be very challenging time. The two don’t really coincide. How will I be able to run in the hot sun with an IV of beer attached? Child, please. I have a hard enough time carrying my own body weight, let alone pushing a keg with needles and tubes in my veins.

So that will be interesting.

A couple of other looming milestones: Next weekend my BBF, my BFF’s sister and I are traveling to Chicago for a Counting Crows concert. This is scheduled as the grand finale of the summer of “F” and “UN”. Chicago + Concert = Main Ingredients of FUN.

My friend Megan signed me up for the Akron Marathon yesterday. Don’t panic, we’re doing it relay style. I am running the shortest leg of the run: 2.8 miles. I was pumped about it, until I found out it is all hills. My sporty spice manager, Karen, showed me using her arm what a slight incline it is. “No big deal!” Yeah right. This “technical race” T-shirt that I keep hearing about that we get better be pretty fashionable, because I don’t even like walking up driveways with a slight incline.


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