Smokin’ Hot Summer —Literally

So folks, as most of you know that have seen me is that I have been smoking. I admit defeat. Hence my absence from blogging. Furthermore, I was in the process of interviewing for a job that I might possibly have turned to ash in due to the values questions, so I thought it might be smart to block the blog for a hot minute. Also, the Summer of “F” and “UN” is in full effect. I haven’t had a minute to think, much less blog.

  1. For starters, I got myself a little summer jobby-job. I am a Project Manager for a new district in Cleveland. I am coaching a team of professional urban designers and researchers working with inner-city high school kids on a community improvement project. It’s pretty stressful and there’s a lot of outside planning involved, but I really love it. I’m pursuing my Masters degree because I thought I wanted to teach college. However, I really love being with these high school kids. It’s so nice to watch these kids, who day in and day out deal with unimaginable stress, become engaged in the work. Might consider being Michelle Pfiefer in Dangerous Minds, we’ll see… One can never tell the future…
  2. The summer concert series has been mega-amazing: Last night I went to my fourth show in under a week. First I saw The Old ’97 on a bit of a date with a groomsman from a friend’s wedding. The band was amazing, the date… meh… He ran out mula, which is fine (I can pay for my own libations), but I had to keep buying him beers so he had something in his hands. Concerts are no time for unwanted neck rubs.
  3. Next day, Jack Johnson… Great show. Small Tear when he dedicated Do You Remember When to his wife of ten years. Very sweet. The hour parking lot wait at the end proved to compadres Marla, Karen Kate and myself that you can’t in fact open a bottle of wine with a ball-point pen. (However, if you find a strong mans with a Toyota Corolla key he can likely push the cork in.)
  4. Deserves it’s post alone: THE BLACK KEYS concert. I heart them with all my heart. I wanted to wear white so that drummer, Patrick Carney, would have a good idea of what I will look like on our wedding day. (Looming Thunderstorm got in the way of that.) The concert ROCKED! Bobble-head Stacey made an appearance as all I ate was a breakfast sandwich all day. And oh my, that Blue Steele… Pseudonym of Pseudonyms. Zoolander, anyone? Blue Steel is the new look that Ben Stiller is searching for in Zoolander, a comedy about male modeling. Blue Steele is a boy I know that has dark hair and blue eyes that I would eat with a spoon. Svelte. Brooding. Ray Bans. V-necks with the tip of his tattoo peaking out. And of course, a little bit of a jerk… Right up my ally…
  5. Kings of Leon last night. Good show. Wished they had played some of their older stuff, but good times none-the-less… Gave my liver the night off and drove Mom and Dad home.
  6. And many, many others… Rusted Root rocked, the Dave Matthews “F” and “UN” bus was a hell of a ride, while the concert was a very short blurry slide-show, Jessica Lea Mayfield was amazing but got me into a little bit of ancient trouble… Green Sky Blue Grass with our buddy Karl (who deserves his own post) was kick-ass… Now I’m in the process of rounding up some besties for a final Counting Crows concert in Chicago. Finances willing… We’ll see what happens…
  7. So many other things going on: LeBron James dumped me on national television, summer weddings, multi-purpose parties, soon my brosef will be turning twenty-one, my other husband, blogger Jason Mulgrew will be in town for a book signing next week (I’ll have to get that wedding dress preview ready), summers make every day an event planning occasion… plus, you know, working now at two different bars… So I’ll be pretty busy… but I’ll try to post more.
  8. My summer sabbatical from boys is not going according to plan… or maybe it was a week sabbatical… Perhaps August will paint a different picture… I’ll have to be stronger in my resolve…

And, a housekeeping announcement: September 1st, I will lay my Camels down again. Zero Cigarettes for 365 days minus Summer of “F” and “UN” days… September 25th I’ll be running a leg of the Akron Marathon with my friend Megan. So it’s on like Donkey Kong, son. “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” That’s what Chelene from my Turbo Jams video says.

I know I have a long laundry list of things that I promised to write about, but of the utmost importance on the slate is the Summer Make Out Playlist… It’s coming soon, I promise. I mean seriously, Summer is almost over.


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