Bag that Job Playlist

So there are some opportunities hanging in the valance…

  1. Sweet City Woman by the Stampeders
    I have no friggin idea how this song has become so overlooked in the catalog if American Classics… It should be filed in the great ranks along with “Afternoon Delight” for it’s sure and steady upbeat, well, beat. Every time I hear this song it puts a GD’d spring in my step… The sheer beat of this song could have you skipping into an interview… call it unprofessional, but in this bleak day and age, I imagine a skip would be welcomed. Now I realize this song is about meeting a booty call in the city, but one of my besties and I always rocked this song when we went to Chicago… we became the utmost city sophistication: our Ohio Payless shoes became Manolo Blahniks and our freebies at the aveda solon became wigs to be envied… It encapsulates your power suit in the form of a song.
  2. Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes, by Paul Simon
    Another song between same bestie… the song implies that the girl is so rich that she can afford to put diamonds on the bottom of her shoes… a clear and present luxury… me and said bestie always thought that those diamonds were the ones tucked away. As… who looks at soles of shoes? I mean seriously… It is the more upbeat version of Ben Harper’s “Diamonds on the Inside” which is, of course, what Josie & meant. Regaradless, this song should be on every woman’s playlist when they are on their way to a situation they fear… This song = instant confidence…
  3. From Small Things (Mama, Big things One day come) Performed by Bruce Springsteen
    Hello! Who doesn’t want a song from the “Boss” on the way to an interview? This song is so self-explanitory yet inspiring, nonethless. Mr. Blue Collar tells a tale of success:  One day… Big things… they will come… If that doesn’t get you juices flowing, “Do not pass ‘GO’, do no collect $200, go directly to jail…”
  4. Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor
    A) If you don’t remember this from the ‘Rocky’ Series, you are too young to be reading this blog. B) Starbucks came out with a fantastic parody of this songs circe 5 years ago… My bro used to sing it to me: “BEN… BEN, BEN, BEN…. Ben’s the man, going to work… has his tie and his reasons… ” Anywho, makes me smile, makes me odly enough, want to do power point presentations… And I hate power point…
  5. Brick House, by the Commodores
    Now, hail to the crown of hard working women… this one goes out to a very special lady… My mom: The very special lady whom works at the local family restraunt since her corporate company downsized her many years ago. As if it were possible to downsize a spirit like her’s. Needless to say, no matter how her fifty-year-old knees hurt or how swollen her ankles are while slinging crazy eights or gyro Omlettes… she “show’s up” (Take note LeBron James) when this song comes on. Her black floods are in full effect as she “pulls an Elaine”. Immediately she shows everyone exactly what a brick house is and nobody can resist smiling… or whistling while they work…
  6. I Must Belong Somewhere, by Bright Eyes
    I can’t put to words how much I love this song. It’s the “Eff you” anthem. It’s the “I’m going through this interview process for a reason even if it amounts to nothing” song. It’s the “I’m exactly where I need to be song” that every interviewee needs. Not that I’m making plans not to score big, but if I don’t, it’s for a hella good reason.
  7. Superstar, by Lupe Fiasco
  8. Under Pressure, by Queen & David Bowie
    Derr,.. step up yo game…
  9. Heartbreaker, by Led Zepplin
    The opening riff of this song is enough to get anyone pumped up. Walk in like you’re leaving a trail of broken hearts… It’s just that simple. Throw your work down like it’s going out of style and they will beg for more… So that’s the ideal situation and you might want to tone it down, but it doesn’t hurt to have a boastful song in the mix…
  10. The Underdog, by Spoon
    The next three have everything to do with someone finally realizing your worth. Who doesn’t pubically route for the underdog. Seriously, if you truly love what you do, you’ve spent you might be spending your time perfecting your craft, not perfecting your campaign. Therefore… You’re RUDY. Sean Astin’s best role. The best line in that song is “We can’t all be Wedding cake”. Sure wedding cake is awesome, but the weddings that i have been in, I have never received a piece… Chances are I was prioritizing… The cake took a backseat to celebrating my peeps that were getting married… You’re not there for the salary or said icing… you’re more concerned about their (the couple/the organization’s) goals.
  11. One Moment In Time, by Whitney Houston
    Don’t hate. Seriously, this is the moment you have been waiting for. The moment that your box of rejection letters has been stewing over. This is the pay-off. This is the culmination of all of your struggles. This is the power ballad that hasbeckoned all of your dreams. This is the “Finally I can buy my ma a new house song”.
  12. Blackbird, by the Beatles, performed by Sara McGlaughlin
    The much more modest adaptation of aforementioned jam. Plus my favorite Beatles song ever.

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