Lagging behind…

SO much is new… some juicy, some stressful, some joyous, some hilarious, but I have been basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That… and I have had a bit of a relapse and I’m not quite sure how to address it or what to do. It’s not as major as it could be, but currently my blog hands have been buried in shame…

A “writing to do list” on slower days:

  1. Write about my English bloke.
  2. Write about the discovery of my first love… ten million years later… pseudonyms welcome…
  3. Complete the final chapters of the epic novel: “The Long Goodbye”
  4. The how-to on plastic wrapped furniture.
  5. Complete Summer Make-out Playlist.
  6. This summer’s wedding deats…
  7. Explain the all the suddens of not being in school.
  8. Mr. Pinks New GF
  9. Why I NEVER give my phone number bar customers
  10. At that point we should have some REALLY good Blue Steel stories….
  11. And of course I’ll be covering how much the fourth month of non-smoking sucks, especially with the onslaught of summer and a friend who is fueling the fact that 2010 is bringing the Summer of “F” and “UN”.

For now I’ll leave you with total, not yet finalized summer concert series (Seriously, I am applying for a sponsorship sign with Live Nation) :

  1. May 9th: PEARL JAM @ Quicken Loans: What a great kick-off to the Summer Concert Series! It was a great day that started with crunchy tacos from Chipolte and pre-gaming @ my buddy Brian’s house… I wasn’t going to go because of lack of funds and this was my big money night at work, but my friend Billy said, “God damnit… I work hard and so do you…” So we tore it up. Josie and I were uber-impressed with the seats her hubby was able to score. On the upper deck, but only inches away from the stage… at one point Eddie Vedder was waving to me…  I think he was getting pulled in by my tractor beams. But most importantly, this concert was a fantastic reunion of some really great friends who traveled AAAALLLL the way to Cinci to rock out circa 2001. The day involved a lot of laughs, GREAT MUSICS, some new friends and ended with Van Morrison and everything that entails…
  2. May 31st: Rusted Root @ The Cleveland Rib Rip Off… That’s another great staple in the concert memory bank… circa four years ago my core peeps went to this event. LOVE RUSTED ROOT! The show is cheaper than it should be, but we’ll see memorial day us always crazy booked…
  3. June 9th: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros @ House of Blues $15. New fav band. Cheap. Innovative can’t beat it…
  4. June 10th: She & Him @ House of Blues… Don’t have tickets yet. Want to go -BADLY. Surprised by Zoey Dashnel’s talent and can’t get past how much I hate her due to 500 Days of Summer, but for the love: M. WARD??? He’s amazing… might, for the first time, go to a concert by myself.
  5. June 25th: Dave Matthews Band!!! Raise your hands if you are on the Dave Matthews Bus!!! (Not so fast Mr. Pink.) My buddy Mark is getting a bus from the bar I work at to the show. NICE. Also, it will be another reunion of really good peeps that went to (traveled long distances to) great shows…
  6. July 21st: Jack Johnson and G. Love @ Blossom Music Center… Oh, Sailor Jerry…
  8. July 26th: Kings of Leon @ Blossom Music Center: Uhm, so like yeah… I’m jealous of my future self…
  9. August 13th: John Mayer and the Avett Brothers @ Blossom Music Center. I know, I know… Nobody wants to see that John Mayer face… but the Avett Brothers are so worth it. Can’t wait…

Perhaps we’ll be ending this series at the Filmore in Detroit for a final Black Keys Concert… we’ll see…

Hold tight, more exciting blogs, if you can believe that, are coming soon…


1 Response to “Lagging behind…”

  1. 1 0cigsfor365 May 13, 2010 at 5:59 am

    Expecting a lot of feedback on #2. Let it rip…

    Mr. Fork Head, Mr. Fasten your Seat-belt (literally), Mr. It’s-my-bathing-suit-not-a-hand-warmer, Mr. Don’t Bend Over to Get your Scrunchy by his mid section, Mr. “Nobody-cares-that-you-drive-a-Honda-del-Sol or were the-runner-up-for-the-academic-decathlon…”

    You guys let me know what you like best..

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