work out jams

So I’m gonna need a half hour playlist to rock me through this 5K. Share with you??? But of course I will. (One of my homeslices was making fun of me for having “an online diary”. Again, I personally try not to share to much with strangers. I realize that writing this blog will probably ruin my career/get me sued/loose friends/make me incredibly unpopular… but hey, I won’t be smoking.) That being said here’s my first draft of Work Out Jams:

1. Beercan, by Beck
Beck is one of the most underrated artist out there. He’s got far more range (and sense of humor) than his popular songs give him credit for. This song is has got it all: a motivating beat and rebellious lyrics. You can’t help but get an extra kick in your step when you hear him belt out “… and I got something better than love… how do you like me now?” I dunno what’s better than love, but apparently he’s got it. And I have it when I hear this song. I first fell in love with Beck while being serenaded with his song Debra by an old college flame. Hilarious tune. Check it out. I highly recommend it.

2. Set You Free, by the Black Keys
I have no idea how this band has not achieved world wide fame yet. They are the most rockin’, kick-ass, original new band in the last ten years. I almost spat yesterday while working at the bar last night when my DJ told me he didn’t have them. (How does this happen?) It is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to their sweet guitar riffs. Dan Auerbach’s voice is like butter. I’d like to nuke it in the microwave and drink it up. Also, please note that I originally wanted to put their Till I Get My Way on this playlist because it is a much more motivating work-out song, but didn’t have it.

3. This Fire, by Franz Ferdinan
A) These guys are fellow Scottsmen. B) I’m not a music critic: Simply put, these guys rock. Plus I once read an article where front man Alex Kapranos said that worst thing about touring in the United States was that portion sizes were ridiculous. Right on, man! Why do I need 24 mini-corn dogs as an appetizer? Isn’t five enough? Every time I go through a drive through, I order from the children’s menu. Again, I am fully aware that I am a scene. I would do it every where if it were more socially acceptable.

4. Day at the Races, by Jurassic Five
As a matter of fact their entire Album Power in Numbers is an excellent workout soundtrack. With of course, Hey and Thin Line being your cool down tracks. I heart these guys. This is how hip hop should be.

5. Lust for Life, by Iggy Pop
There was a Carnival Cruise commercial that featured this song. Now every time I hear this song I feel like I’m running along a tropical seaside. This is a great song for an over-cast Cleveland day. Use it to combat what my mom calls “seasonal defective disorder”. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when listening to this song.

6. Rearview Mirror, by Pearl Jam
This is a song that makes me want to speed in my car. When I hear this song I think of Jennifer Beals speed running in Flashdance. It’s got that same kind of intensity. When I hear this song I always increase the speed on the treadmill.

7. Naked Eye, by Luscious Jackson
One of my favorite nuggets of nineties music. What ever happened to this band? This song is 14 years old. That blows my mind. (Wow, I am old.) Also: Fun fact — these ladies financed their first demo by saving their tips waiting tables. Ladies of my own cloth. I wonder when my ladies that I worked with through college at the Mexican restaurant (or my My Place girls) and I are going to release our first single.

8. Shakedown On 9th Street, by Ryan Adams
What? A workout song by Ryan Adams? This guy is the best when you want to crawl under a rock and cry it out. That, of course, is why my love is so deep for him. However, this song is such a great fight song. “I was just going to hit him… but I think I’m gonna kill him now.” Rally your crew, turn your rings out, there’s going to be a fight in the parking lot… loves it!!!

9. Time Bomb, by Old 97’s
This song has explosive energy. You can’t listen to this song and sit still. This is why I know that the movie The Breakup with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston is complete crap. There is no way Vaughn would ‘forget’ they had tickets to this show. (At least that’s what he told me on our date last week.)

10. A-Punk, by Vampire Weekend
These guys are the best new band out there. They have such an upbeat and original sound. When I hear this song I want to go running through the streets singing, “Ohhh-la, Oh-la, Oh-la, Oh-laaay!” I came about these guys via Jason Mulgrew. He is blogger that lives in NYC. If I lived there, I would hunt this guy down and make him marry me (I would do all those freaky things he complains women never do, as long as he promises never to ever speak to me about his fantasy baseball or football league). He is hilarious, articulate, poignant and, of course, filthy.

In other news:

This “Tackle the Tower” race (fiasco) is next Saturday. We will climb 37 flights consisting of 646 stairs. I, being a novice (weenie) to anything physical, signed up for the “Fun Climb”. Seriously, that will be feat enough for me, thank you very much. My friend Karen informed me today that I signed up for the wrong activity. Apparently, there is a relay that involves people running up the stairs in ten second intervals. Apparently, that is what I was supposed to sign up for. Apparently, my friend Karen wants me to die.

So between now and next week I will be taking offers from friends and acquaintances to Tonya Harding my legs. The highest bid gets to club me like a baby seal so I will not have to do this.

Broken legs vs. dying in a stairwell? Life is full of choices.

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