my sister — creating sister envy since 1979

I have to say that I have never wanted to date a smoker. I have and you can’t really tell, because of course, I am (was) a smoker. However, the real reason behind not wanting to date a smoker is that quitting has always been in the works. If you and your racy man friend decide to quit smoking as a team and one of you is a massive failure… there will be a domino effect. I just never wanted my success to be dependent on someone else’s will power or vice versa.

Too bad it kinda is now. As mentioned before, I live with my sister who’s two years older than me. Much like me:: Nobody is the boss of her. So making these life style sanctions on her has been a little scary for me. She could have easily told me to eff off. She could have easily said, “you want to quit smoking, good goddamn luck…” However, she decided to join me in my quest. She has been super supportive of this blog and all of my prep work.

So she quit the day I quit. Day two she encountered some drama. Which she had every reason under the sun to be pissed about. She called me telling me how upset she was and that she was going to go buy a pack of cigarettes. I had to think quickly. If I come home to her smoking, then I am going to join in immediately. “Plane’s going down, smoke ’em if you got ’em” per Dennis Leary’s 1997 No Cure For Cancer Album.

I remembered that I had left some nicotine gum on my dresser. I told her go grab a piece. Chew it, pack it, breathe… then hop on our little elliptical machine that we have in our living room for about five. “Get that aggression out, STAT!” I told her that having a cigarette would not make her feel any better about her recent drama. Furthermore, it would just make her more upset because not only was she being dealt a pile of scheisse from somebody, but they were also successful in making her smoke.

Needless to say, she got through it. I am super proud of her. I’m super proud of her for calling to begin with. She told me later that the only reason she didn’t go buy a pack was that she didn’t want to let me down, who in turn, would let all you peeps who are reading this piece down.

I do have to say that this blog has really contributed to my success so far. My first day working at the bar… I was pretty tempted when my fellow bartender told me to “just quit tomorrow”. His logic was really pretty flawless. As I began to make my deal with the devil, it did occur to me that I would have to answer to this project. What would the title of that entry read? “Fished-in, suckas! Just kidding about quitting… Thanks for reading”?

Anywho, thank you to everyone who has read about my bologna so far. It has helped more than I really even thought it would. And thank you to my sister. For of course, being you, which of course means::being awesome.


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