no smoking in strip clubs

So I made it through day one. Being at the bar was harder than I thought it was going to be. People are there to really escape. And apparently to buy me shots. There’s a lot of temptation. It’s really hard to explain to someone who is three shots deep that you’re really trying to make a positive change in your life style. It didn’t help that every five minutes my cook came out and asked me if I wanted him to watch the bar so I could go in the back and have a cigarette. Hahaha… not funny. The the other bartender kept telling me, “Just quit tomorrow.” Now, I’m pretty pumped that I made it through this harassment, but am concerned that on one bad day it might be the thing that breaks me.

Also, I can close the bar at midnight if it’s dead. At 11:45, a group of five hood rats, their mom and their grand momma came cruising in. Two boys, of age, with three girls who “forgot their IDs”. It was a scene. I was hardly in the mood to police a bunch of underage kids, let alone watch them gyrate against the pillars of the bar. Yeah, that’s right. It was basically amateur strip club night at the bar. I’ve caught glimpses of trashy teen girls making out here and there on the web, but to witness this display in person is a whole other ball game. When me and my homeskillets used to go to the flats (90’s Cleveland Hot Spot) around 17-18-19… we’d do the “how low can you go/drop your ass to floor” joke, but these chicks last night were completely dry-humping each other. Seriously. At one point scary spice almost looked like she was moshing her friend scary spice junior against one of the pillars at the bar. It was a little bit like Night At The Roxburry, but the cast consisted of Brat Dolls. The worst part was mama bear yelling at them: “Get on up in there!”

(Note: I did not serve the girls. And spent the entire time telling them you only drink from glasses that I give you.)

They finally left at 1am. Not a minute too soon. Kinda sad, they didn’t say good bye when they left. I wanted to thank them for their tip and remind them to wear condoms…


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  1. 1 sreejith January 20, 2010 at 7:13 am

    Ya… u were correct my blog is similar to yours…….

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