8 hours till I get my sweet ass Ipod Arm Band

So I’ve had four pieces of nicorette today. So far it’s been easy. Every so often I think about them and miss them, but I say, “see you next year cigarettes” and it’s not so bad. Of course at 6pm, I’ll be walking into the lion’s den… the bar where I work, so we’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

I will say this is a little weird about quitting smoking. You do tend to think about it A LOT. Even at times that you never smoked. For example: I was washing my hair thinking, “God, I could really go for a cigarette!” Wait, what? I never smoked in the shower!!! Now that is extreme dedication. I’d love to hear me some smoking in shower stories if anyone has any. One hand on the loofah and the other grasping a smoke… Hhhmmm, maybe in 2011…


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