A smoke free shoe box

Today begins the first day of a smoke free apartment. My sister’s apartment is about the size of a shoe box. It might as well be one of those smoking lounges at the Atlanta airport. I cleaned rigorously and now plan on fabreezing the whole damned place. I think I might actually buy stock in Fabreeze. It 15ºF and there is about 2 feet of snow outside. This morning I strapped on my boots and in my pj’s, went outside for a smoke. A} It’s cold. B} My pj’s were cute, but I was not. This was pre-house cleaning and pre-shower today. As I hid in my apartment complex’s garage smoking away, I thought how stupid this habit is. Not only did I look like an ass-clown, but I was freezing. I’d be mortified if anyone had caught me in my giant pink heart covered pajamas. So, smoking outside = stupid. I guess smoking = stupid.

Here’s another little diddy in the aid to quit smoking: My sister was engaged to her high school sweet heart when she was 21. They were together seven years. They have been broken up for almost ten years now. While things are kosher now, there was time that things were beyond rotten. I’m not going to trash this guy up here, but there were A LOT of drugs involved with their split. They are now friends. Long story short, he has caught wind of my sister and I’s quitting smoking plan and has been harrassing us about it via text messages. HE doesn’t believe we can do it. He’s managed to text us everyday to tell us how many days we have left to smoke. Now this is awesome motivation: I can’t tell you how angry it would make me to concede to this young man that I was not able to quit smoking for a year. I completely support their friendship and all that jazz, but I tell you I wouldn’t chuck my shoe at someone for just anyone. (Long story.) Nonetheless, I now have to complete this mission successfully. If nothing else for my sister and everything she went through with this dude. I might have to tape a picture of him to my mirror… along with a picture of the creepy waitress with tan wrinkly pug face.


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