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So I had to cancel my date with Mr. A as my educational organization has surprisingly moved up my the date of my intensive graduate review. Stay classy (organized) San Diego! Anywho, I have surprisingly not yet smoked in my car this week. It’s been a little bit difficult considering the stress level this week has brought. I just practice breathing and tell myself that I can have a smoke as soon as I get out of my car, which has been wonderful in two feet of Ohio snow. Next week :: No smoking in our apartment. Looking forward. We’ll see how this goes over with my sister and I. It’s going to be tough, because my sister is a freeze baby, but it’s time. Wish me luck!!!

Among the workload stress there seems to be a line of angry men forming. My dad is mad at me for not returning his hypochondriac calls. Mr. B is cross with me because I didn’t answer his text that requested my presence in box seats at the Cavaliers game with his boss fast enough. He basically text me to eff off… yeah for me.

Mr. Pink sent wrote me a little facebook message that read:

hey, what’s up?? man, you hate returning or answering my calls. anyway, you still have my cds! and i’m calling a web provider so you may need to call them or something? i’ll let you know. do you hate me or what? geez! hope you had a good christmas and new year. get back to me

Yes, it’s true he doesn’t capitalize his sentences.

Look at him all making demands. Hilarious. Let me jump all over that. Again, hilarious. I haven’t responded. Don’t plan on it. I mean what for? I hate him.


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